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What is a Moss Wall? And How It Can Change Your Indoor Space

What is a Moss Wall? And How It Can Change Your Indoor Space

Let's say you're walking past a brand new bakery or restaurant. Your eye catches sight of shades of green. You slow your walk to a crawl in order to take a closer look, and that's when you see the moss on the walls inside.

Does it leave you feeling a certain way? Maybe you feel inspired, refreshed, and wanting to try the new business's goodies. Or maybe you're struck by how beautiful these walls look, and how much you'd LOVE to have something in your home too?

If you feel both ways, you've come to a great place to find moss walls! And if by chance you're still wondering "What the heck is a moss wall?", then keep reading for the answer below!


What is a Moss Wall?

A moss wall is a work of art, handcrafted and made using preserved moss materials. The moss is layered in a way so you can see various shades of green, and are applied to backing boards or panels before a frame is installed. 

The mosses themselves are called preserved because they're dyed with special natural oils and food dye materials that halt the growing process. There are zero chemicals involved and so the means of preserving the moss used in the wall is completely non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Moss walls are also entirely customizable. You can choose your own colours of the moss and the frame, ask for non-framed walls, and choose your own size. You can also choose between Classic or Minimal styles! 

So, now you know what a moss wall is. But how can it really change your indoor space? As it turns out, there is a lot that can change.


A touch of much-needed green

We all have that one room in the home where natural light may not be able to really brighten the room…which is perfect, because moss walls don't need natural light in order to look beautiful! Simply hanging a moss wall up in a darker room is enough to brighten a space and make it greener and lighter. 

Reduced humidity

Did you know? Preserved moss actually has the ability to soak in excess moisture in a room, and thus stabilize the humidity level. If you need to improve a room where the air feels stagnant and dry, hanging a moss wall can help change that as it will release the moisture and raise the humidity to a more comfortable level.

Improved acoustics

Do you live in a part of the city where things are noisy? Maybe you've been looking into ways to keep the noise down in your space, whether for personal or commercial purposes. Great news, moss walls can help with that too!

Having moss walls placed on the walls of a room can not only make an indoor space look greener, but also it can be the solution to your indoor noise problems. Rather than the sound waves registering through a thin wall, the layered moss when placed against such a wall will absorb the sound waves from the other side.

If you're looking into changing your indoor space so that it both feels and sounds peaceful, quiet, and tranquil, then moss walls are definitely worth your consideration! 

Natural art without the care part

Do you have a busy lifestyle, even when working from home? Or maybe you have a history of having a "brown" thumb in that you have trouble keeping even the simplest house plants alive, but you love greenery and how it makes you feel to look at it.

Whatever the case may be, moss walls are the perfect form of natural art that requires minimal to no care on your part. No water is needed to moisten the moss because the moss has been preserved so it's no longer living. It looks like it's alive, even though it's not, which is pretty cool!


Interested in moss walls? Start shopping with us!

You can absolutely have this very natural, very eye-catching product in your home or commercial building when you shop from Fresh & Cozy Moss! For several years our designers have created gorgeous handcrafted moss walls for many people residing in the Vancouver BC area, as well as throughout Canada and the USA. We're always happy to add a little of nature's touch to your indoor space!

Shop now for your own fully customizable moss wall! You can pick the colours of the moss, the size, and the frame—we'll take care of the rest. :)

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